Local Wisdom Resources


To develop Roi Et Rajabhat University into the best community of learning, natural resources, and environment conservation 


To develop students’ knowledge and abilities to national and international standards to develop the nation and society


  1. To promote research on local wisdom, Thailand wisdom, and international wisdom, and to focus closely on natural resources and the environment
  2. To produce intellectualism, morality, ethics, volunteerism, and conservationism in our graduates 
  3. To preserve local and national culture, and enhance knowledge and understanding of the cultural values of Thailand
  4. To provide academic services to strengthen the local leaders, including morality and ethics for leadership and the ability to manage the community using good governance
  5. To develop the university to be a learning institution, caring for the national resources and the environment, including building networks between the university and the local government, inside and outside of Thailand to develop the local community
  6. To promote and apply the “sufficiency economy” in the workplace
  7. To strengthen the teaching profession, produce quality teachers and educational personnel, and develop their ability to reach higher vocational standards
  8. To study, apply and develop local technology and new technology for the local community, including the process of nourishing and using natural resources with balance and sustainability


Having Moral, Intellect, volunteering, Learning, and Patience.


Q: Quality

G: Good Governance

R: Research-Based

E: Economic Sufficiency

E: Environment

N: Network


Applying the sufficiency economy philosophy is considered an important way to manage the university in order to follow the implications of being a true Rajabhat university as follows: Roi Et Rajabhat University is a leading Rajabhat university that brings the royal aspirations and philosophy of the sufficiency economy as a model for undertaking a mission to become an intellectual power for local and national development through the participation process under the provision of opportunities for everyone thoroughly and equality.

The implication of the vision consists of 9 keywords.

  1. Leading Rajabhat University
  2. Royal wish
  3. Sufficient Economy
  4. Mission
  5. Earth Power
  6. Local and national development
  7. Participation
  8. Giving opportunity
  9. Thoroughly and equality

To make these nine main visions reflect and become earth power, the university strategy consists of 10 strategies to be intentioned and principled as followed:

Strategy  1       Learning  Methodology Reform

Strategy 2        Student Development

Strategy 3        Research and Innovation Reform

Strategy 4        Staff  Development

Strategy 5        Public-Private-Community-Partnership (PPCP)

Strategy 6        Financing & Allocation System

Strategy 7        Digital Higher Education

Strategy 8        Outbound/Frontier Education

Strategy 9        The Reform of Management

Strategy 10      Education for All, All for Education